How to Use Earthworm to Improve Your Home Garden

Beginner’s Guide To Earthworms

To some people gardening is not really that hard. This concept may be overrated because to be honest. Gardening takes a lot of knowledge, time, and dedication. You can’t just plant a seed and let it grow. gardening is like taking care of a baby. Aside from the type of soil and fertilizer that you can use in order to grow beautiful flowers or lush vegetables you also need a help from earthworms.

GardenThese earthworms make the soil richer and lighter which is very helpful to make the plants in good condition. They are the one who is responsible in maintaining good quality of soil for growing plants. There are different species of earthworm that can help home garden. Because earthworm can breakdown soil and create tunnels it can be very helpful to let the water passed through the soil from layer to layer. In this case, there will be less water that runoff the surface. Because of the spaces that were created by the earthworm, it can also be helpful to the roots of the plant to spread farther.  Water runoff creates erosion, which can be detrimental to growing areas.

It is important that you understand how these little creature survive to help you maintaining a healthy garden. Most of the time earthworm dies in high temperature. During drought the soil become too dry and since the soil is too hard too hard, microorganism don’t survive the earthworm starve to death. Other than the drought, there are also lots of predators that can kill the earthworm such as birds and moles. These animals eat earthworm. It is not recommended to use pesticide because it can cause disruption of the natural soil balance which is harmful to the earthworm.

The thing is, no matter how hard you try to have a beautiful garden for your home it would still be useless if there are not earthworms that will help you in growing plants. Make sure that the soil moisture is enough it should be at least 40 percent to enable the earthworm to breath. These little creatures may not be as appealing for you but they do a lot of job to keep the soil healthy in everyway. They even swallow toxic that can be harmful to the plants. Keep in mind that even earthworm is very sensitive to soil pH level. They don’t survive to soils that has too alkaline or acid.

It is recommended to put organic matter in your garden soil to help feed earthworms. Aside from the compost that you put before planting, you should also drop some grass clippings, aged manure or peat moss to continuously feed the creature. You don’t need to do this everyday.

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